Proudly Introducing:

JavaFundraising, a product of Watchdog Media, allows youth groups, schools, and churches to raise money for their organization by selling coffee to their friends, family and community members. Participating groups keep up to 50% of their group sales.

Unique to the industry, JavaFundraising provides groups with both a traditional fundraising form an online store, customized digital and print marketing collateral, email and social media templates and easy to understand video-based “how-to” modules to support their campaigns. was started by Watchdog Media Founder, Shane Gillispie on his 50th birthday in October 2017, as a way to give back to his community.

JavaFundraising allows Gillispie to blend his passion and experience in youth sports, school fundraising and the specialty coffee industry.  His expertise in marketing and passion for supporting youth programs has led him to dedicate a lot of time to both coaching youth sports as well as serving on several non-profit boards. His efforts to date include managing campaigns to raise over $365,000,000 for local school bonds and levies and well over $100,000 for local youth sports groups. Gillispie also coaches youth football, basketball and lacrosse.