2024 Team Name & Uniforms

As our team meeting was postponed due to team scheduling conflicts, I wanted to get a jump start on a team name and uniforms.

Uniforms will include: Custom sublimated reversible Pinnie with player name and number on both sides, shorts and shooter shirt with player name and number. The cost will be approximately $98 for the package ($38 Pinnie, $30 shorts, $30 shooter shirt)

Helmet Wraps (Optional) I also have a question about whether the boys/families would also like helmet wraps for $30 or less.

I will post a pay site once final designs are confirmed

Note: I know how important numbers are and will do everything I can to get each player the number they want. If I get duplicate requests, I will reach out to those involved.
The cost would be around $30. If most want them, then we'll make them available.
If you have any name ideas, now is the time to list them! Please first list your name ideas...and then a quick note about why you think each name represents us and our program. Think of both LOCATION and MASCOT. What area name or landmark represents all three of our communities? What mascot name represents who we are? I'll compile a list that we can discuss and vote on in our next team meeting
If you have a favorite color/colors...let me know. I'll look for patterns and present to the boys at our next team meeting.